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Pyrotechnic Solenoid Valves for Liquid C02

L20 series pyrotechnic solenoid valve. Nickel Plated with IP67 safe area housing     L20 series pyrotechnic solenoid valve. Brass body with IP67 hazardous area housing     L20 series pyrotechnic solenoid valve. Brass body with IP65 safe area solenoid coil and connector  L20 series solenoid valves with ATEX Approval    L20 series solenoid valves with IECEX approval

Liquid C02 Specialists
We specialise in solenoid valves for the pyrotechnic industry. From film sets to theatre productions, we are able to supply, normally from stock our L20 series. This valve is designed to control Liquid C02 or other propellant gases.

Safe Area & Hazardous Area Locations

The L20 range has options to suit all applications. Our L20 can be used in the following are classifications: 

IP65 Safe Area.
Solenoid coil with standard DIN electrical connector.
General applications where the valve is not exposed to water jets or outside installations.
View the L20.p Liquid C02 model.

IP67 Safe Area.
Solenoid coil is protected in an aluminium housing. The power supply is made via a threaded cable gland connection. Solenoid coil terminals can easily be accessed via removable screw cap.

EExd Hazardous Area.
This is as IP67 above, but has the reassurance of an ATEX certified housing. Available with EExd IIB and IIC groups. We also have IECEX approval for our entire range.

L20 series specifications:

  • 3/8" BSP female process connections
  • Angle pattern flow path
  • Stainless steel pilot seat
  • Stainless steel option for main orifice seat
  • Brass body (nickel plated upon request)
  • Two way normally closed (normally open version is available)
  • 0.5-100 Bar (AC), 0.5-60 Bar (DC). Normally Closed
  • Special seals for Liquid C02
  • IP65, IP67 and ATEX EExd versions. IECEX approved versions
  • Complete spares kits available for internal parts