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Custom Solutions

When your needs are not met by standard manufactured products, We can engineer solutions to meet your exact needs. This could be a single ultra specialist valve, a package of assemblies, complete integrated systems or a project specific package.

These special requirements inevitably require significant consultation to arrive at the final approved design. We get great satisfaction from completing each project to budget and delivery schedule.

Some examples of the varied solutions are as follows:

Fully assembled and instrumented
valve packages

 Special application solenoid valves, bespoke
service to customers specification

Bespoke Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Control Panels Custom Designed Solenoid Valves from Red Dragon Valves UK

Specialist fire fighting CO2 valve
designed to fit directly to the gas bottle
 with safety features and manual test facility 

Compact 100Bar stainless steel
solenoid valve manifolds

Liquid C02 Fire Fighting Solutions Special manifold system for high pressure applications

Other non standard options we can offer on our products include:

  • Special paint finishes
  • Custom sealing materials
  • Client branding
  • Ready to install tested assemblies

See also our control panel solutions page. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements in detail, if standard products cannot meet your needs. It is highly likely that we can provide the solution.