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General Purpose Solenoid Valves for Safe AreasGeneral purpose Solenoid Valves from Red Dragon Valves

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If you know what valve you need, and are technical, then you can use our online valve selection menu. Use our filter selection tool, found on the homepage, in order to find the exact model.

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Is it a new application, requiring some technical adaptation?
We offer custom valve configurations to ensure your valve offers the optimum functionality and performance.

Valve Functions:

2 way 2 Position (2/2) Normally ClosedNormally OpenManual Reset
3 way 2 Position (3/2) UniversalNormally ClosedNormally OpenManual Reset, Redundant
5 way 2 position (5/2) Monostable (single coil)Manual Reset
5 way 2 position (5/2) Bistable (dual coil)
5 way 3 position (5/3) Closed Centre or Open Centre

Body Materials:

Brass, Nickel Plated Brass, 304 and 316 Stainless Steel

Seal Materials:



From 1/8" to 4" as standard with larger sizes upon request. Threaded and flanged connections as well as NAMUR, CETOP and custom subbase mountings.


Manual Override, Open position feedback switch, water industry applications, Cryogenic service, Liquid CO2 service, Oxygen service, Steam service, Diesel fuel service, Vacuum service, Latching function, IP67.

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